Welcome to KESIDIS Limo & Rent a Car

Our 25 years of presence in Serbia, the quality of our cars and the professionalism of our employee can guarantee you a pleasant experience renting a car from Byzantio Kesidis Group.
Here, you can choose from a wide variety of cars from mini city cars to most Excluziv models like Porsche Cayenne and Mercedes S Class and Mercedes MAYBACH to satisfy your demands and you can rest assured that we have taken under consideration of every possible detail in order to provide the best possible service to you, without hidden charges and small letters.
Our car fleet consists almost entirely from cars up to 3 year old in order to fulfil the highest possible standards of quality and safety and guarantee you a pleasant driving experience.
  Now you can book online and reserve the car of your dreams for as long as you want getting the best rate in the market and have the car of your choice waiting for you at the time of your preference.
  We provide exceptional offers for long term renting for individuals and full fleet management options for local or multinational companies.

Special offer for 2019: With every car rental we provide you free of charge passenger insurance and 70% insurance coverage in car accident or car theft..


Contact us:    Belgrade: +381 11 397-33-07  , 398-25-88
                      Novi Sad: +381 65 550 40 76, 063 55 00 25
                      0 - 24: +381 63 20 20 13


Our philosophy is very simple:
We offer best quality and service for the best price!